Xos Unveils Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Features

13 Sep 2022

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Xos, Inc. (NASDAQ: XOS), a leading technology company that provides fleet services, software solutions, and manufactures Class 5 through Class 8 battery-electric commercial vehicles, today unveiled a suite of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) features that will be implemented into all Xos stepvans moving forward as a standard feature. They include:

  • Lane Keep Alert: Displays the vehicle’s position within road lines to help prevent the driver from allowing the vehicle to drift out of its current lane. The truck on the display is depicted within green lines when the vehicle is within lane lines. If a lane line turns amber, the vehicle may be drifting out of the lane.
  • Forward Collision Warning: Helps the driver react to a potential collision. If the system suspects that a collision is imminent, a red graphic will appear and an audible alert will sound.
  • Pedestrian Warning: Alerts the driver to potential pedestrians or bicyclists in front of the vehicle. If an object crosses in front of the vehicle at a low speed, the system would alert the driver with a visual and audible warning in order to prevent a collision.
  • Speed Limit Indicator and Warning: Assists the driver in maintaining the legally posted speed limit while operating the vehicle. The cluster will also display the posted speed limit during normal operation, and if the vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit, the odometer on the cluster will turn yellow or red.
  • Distance Warning: Alerts the driver when he or she is following the vehicle ahead too closely.
  • Rear Camera: Although not part of the advanced driver assist system, the Rear Camera is a useful tool that comes standard on all Xos stepvans. The camera helps assist the driver in reversing the vehicle safely, providing images from the top edge of the back end of the truck.

“We are very proud to introduce the ADAS features as a new vehicle-standard on Xos vehicles,” said Saleh Heydari, Vice President of Software Engineering at Xos. “The safety of our drivers, pedestrians, and others on the road is of utmost importance to us at Xos. These new features will offer enhanced driver confidence and a more positive driver experience overall.”

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Xos is a leading technology company, fleet services provider, and original equipment manufacturer of Class 5 through Class 8 battery-electric vehicles. Xos vehicles and fleet management software are purpose-built for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles that travel on last-mile, back-to-base routes of up to 270 miles or less per day. The company leverages its proprietary technologies to provide commercial fleets with battery-electric vehicles that are easier to maintain and more cost-efficient on a total cost of ownership (TCO) basis than their internal combustion engine counterparts. For more information, please visit www.xostrucks.com.

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